Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Campaign Move 6 – Battle of Fossano

Move 6 - 1600 to 2000  10 April 1796

Bonaparte has won the battle of Fossano. 
1st Sardinian division is in rout towards Turin
4th and 5th French divisions are short of supplies and will have to halt to reorganise

3rd and 6th French divisions are waiting for orders

Beaulieu is still unaware of the battle and is now advancing towards Alessandria

Collli has joined Brempt and is aware of the defeat and rout

2nd Sardinian division is aware of a battle at Fossano, but not the result

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Campaign Move 5 – Battle of Fossano

Move 5 - 1200 to 1600  10 April 1796

1st Sardinian and 5th French divisions continue battle of Fossano
4th French division arrives at Fossano to support 5th division

Beaulieu is unaware of the battle at Fossano
He halts at Monferrato to resupply his two divisions

Colli moves to Fossano to find out what is happening

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Campaign Move 4 – Battle of Fossano

Move 4 - 0800 to 1200  10 April 1796

5th French division attack 1st Sardinian division at Fossano

Beaulieu is unaware of the battle and continues his march to Monferrato where he plans to halt and resupply

Colli is at Alessandria when he hears the sound of battle from Fossano

2nd Sardinian division resupply at Alessandria .

6th French division rest at Alba, resupply and await further orders

3rd French division arrive at Acqi and send a report to Bonaparte there is no sign of the enemy

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Campaign Move 3 – Prepare for Battle

Move 3 - 1600 to 2000  9 April 1796

Argereau reports that 4th division has arrived at Mondovi
Bonaparte sends orders for 4th division to support attack on Fossano

Laharpe arrives at Alba and reports that there is no sign of the enemy

Serurier prepares to attack Fossano at first light

Both Colli and Beaulieu are still unaware that the French have marched north