Saturday, December 15, 2012

Campaign Move 15 – Battle of Salo

Move 15 - 0800 to 1200 26 July 1796

1st Austrian and 5th French divisions meet just south of Salo. 
The Austrians are marching to join the main Austrian army just south of Lake Garda.  
The French must defeat them and force them to retreat north so that they can rejoin Bonaparte south of Lake Garda to meet the rest of the Austrian army 

The French deploy between the hill and the lake and open fire on the Austrians as they march south from the town. 

The Austrians deploy cavalry and artillery south of the town, and send their infantry over the hill to outflank the French

Meanwhile the remainder of the Austrian army continue to march south.

Bonaparte has concentrated 3rd division at Verona and 4th division at Bonifacio to hold them until the battle of Salo is decided.   4th division is ordered to resupply

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