Friday, January 4, 2013

Campaign Move 16 – Battle of Salo

Move 16 - 1200 to 1600 26 July 1796

South of Salo the battle has warmed up.

Austrian gunners concentrate their fire on the French cavalry, who suffer light casualties and are shaken.   The Austrian cavalry advance to take advantage, but in turn come under fire from the French gunners and also suffer casualties.  Both sides withdraw shaken.

To the west the infantry are engaged in a skirmish fight.  Both sides now commit more infantry to this combat

South of Lake Garda Bonaparte has concentrated two divisions at Verona to hold the main Austrian advance until the battle of Salo is decided.

East of the Lake the main Austrian army is running low on supplies.   3rd division halt at Rivoli to resupply.   2nd and 4th divisions continue to move south, but must halt soon to resupply.

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