Saturday, February 23, 2013

Campaign Move 21 - Wurmsters Second Attempt

Move 21 – 0800 2 September 1796

It has taken Wurmster all of August to prepare his second attempt to relieve Mantua
He will march south in two columns east of Lake Garda
Wurmster will advance from Bassano to Montebello and take Verona with 3rd and 4th divisions.
Davidovich will advance from Roverto to Rivoli with 1st and 2nd divisions
The two columns will join forces at Verona

Bonaparte has replaced two of his division commanders. 
Massena still commands 3rd division at Rivoli
Argereau still commands 4th division at Verona
Serurier has taken command of 5th division at Lonato
Vaubois has taken command of 6th division laying siege to Mantua

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