Thursday, May 9, 2013

Campaign Move 31 – Austrians attack Verona

Move 30 – 1600 5 September 1796

Wurmster outnumbers Bonaparte by four divisions to three.

However his army is separated by the river Aidge.
1st and 2nd divisions are to the west of the river
3rd and 4th divisions are to the east of the river

Bonaparte has his 3rd, 4th and 5th divisions in and around the city
4th division is already deployed in the city and holding the bridge
3rd division is ordered to take and hold the hill to the west of the city
5th division is still moving through the city

It is clear to Wurmster that his two divisions west of the river are not strong enough to take the city on their own.

It is also clear that he will not be able to force the Verona bridge unless he can attack it from the north and east at the same time

By late afternoon both 1st and 2nd Austrian divisions have deployed north of the city
4th Austrian division is sent north along the east bank to cross the river
3rd Austrian division artillery engages the enemy gunners but to no avail

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