Saturday, June 1, 2013

Campaign Move 33 – French retreat to Lonato

Move 33 – 1200 6 September 1796

Bonaparte has planned to concentrate at Perschia, but the Austrian attack on Verona had made that impossible.   He orders the retreat to continue to Lonato.

The French army are running short of supplies, and must gain time to establish a supply depot there, rest and recover.

Wurmster enters Verona.   

He must now decide whether to pursue Bonaparte with the whole of his army, or to move south and raise the siege of Mantua.

His three divisions west of the river have created a traffic jam moving into and through Verona.

He orders his three divisions west of the river to move west and prevent Bonaparte from moving south to reinforce the siege.

3rd Austrian division is still east of the river, they are sent south to raise the siege of Mantua.   They will cross to the west bank at Villagranca and move to Mantua.

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