Monday, August 27, 2012

Campaign Move 1 – French Advance North

Move 1 - 0800 to 1200  9 April 1796

All divisions start the campaign with sufficient supplies for 6 moves (two days). 
When they are reduced to 3 moves (one day) they can resupply
To do so they must halt, and avoid contact with the enemy, for one day

Bonaparte is aware that the Sardinian Army is deployed between Turin and Alessandria, and that an Austrian army is marching from Milan to join them.   He does not however know their exact location.

His plan is to defeat the Sardinians before the Austrians can arrive

He orders 3rd division to advance to Fossano, where a body of Sardinans have been reported.   2nd division will follow to support them.

1st and 4th divisions will move to Alba and Acqi to determine whether the enemy also occupy them.

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