Sunday, August 19, 2012

Introduction to Campaigns of Napoleon

The purpose of this series of campaigns is to provide wargames for Jan and me to fight.

Our four year old 1813 Campaign, which was converted to PBEM two years ago, will remain our main campaign   That campaign is also designed to give us good wargames to fight, but as it is driven by the PBEM players there are often long  gaps between battles/wargames.

Over the past couple of years we overcame this problem by fighting a series of battles based on Wellington’s battles in the Peninsula.   We considered doing a similar series of games based on Napoleon’s battles, but there were too large and the battlefields too well known to be suitable as a series of one off games.

The aim of this campaign will not be to recreate Napoleon’s actual campaigns.   They will be based on his campaigns, and will take place in the same geographical area.  But they will not recreate historical orders of battle, nor follow the historical battles.

Each campaign will be organised similar to our 1813 campaign.   Each army will consist of four divisions or corps (depending on the campaign) each represented by 32 infantry, 4 cavalry and 1 gun per division/corps.   All of our model soldiers are later Napoleonic period, and they will be used for all campaigns.

Each campaign will start on Day 1, and there will be three campaign moves per day.   No dates will be used, to reinforce that they are not refights of the actual campaign.

Each campaign will have the same objective as Napoleon did in the historical campaign.  The campaign will end when the objective has been achieved, or the French army defeated and no longer capable of achieving the objective.

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