Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Italian Campaign of 1796

Napoleon at Rivoli

Our first campaign will cover Napoleon’s early campaigns, when he was a young general Bonaparte seeking his fame and fortune in Italy.

This campaign will be a testing ground for the best way to tackle the whole series.

At present I am considering three phases:

First – Bonaparte invasion Piedmont

Second – Wurmster’s attempt to save Mantua

Third – Alvintzy’s attempt to save Mantua

Wurmster made two major attempts and so did Alvintzy.   They were fought over the same gereral area around Lake Garda and Verona.  This would mean four campaigns over the same ground, which would be pretty boring.  

So Wurmster’s campaign will be confined to the area around Lake Garda.  

Alvintzy’s campaign  will cover the advance on Verona.

Strategic Map of Italy

This map will not be used for the actual campaign.
This map is used to show the area of each campaign, and their relation to each other

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