Sunday, November 25, 2012

Campaign Move 12 – Wurmsters First Advance

Move 12 - 0800 to 1200 25 July 1796

All divisions start the campaign with sufficient supplies for 6 moves (two days). 
When they are reduced to 3 moves (one day) they can resupply
To do so they must halt, and avoid contact with the enemy, for one day

Bonaparte is aware that Wurmster has reorganised the Army of Italy at Trent in order to raise the siege of Mantua.

He now receives reports that the Austrians are advancing south in four columns

He decides to cover Mantua by holding Verona, and strike at the western Austrian column

He orders 3rd and 4th divisions to concentrate at Verona

5th division will march north and attack the Austrians at Salo

6th division will maintain the siege of Mantua

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