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Mantua Campaign – August 1796

Strategic Map of Italy at start of campaign

Background to the campaign

By late may 1796 Bonaparte had driven the Austrians out of Italy, but they had left behind a strong garrison at the fortified city of Mantua. 

On 19 July 1796 Bonaparte laid siege to the city.

Tactical Map of Mantua campaign area at start of campaign

The French army of 50,000 men held the area south of Lake Garda.   They expected that the Austrians would attempt to raise the siege and were deployed to cover any approach to Mantua from the north or west.

Beaulieu was replaced by Wurmster who took command of an army of 50,000 men at Trent on 24 July 1796.   He ordered an immediate advance south to raise the siege of Mantua

Austrian Army of Italy

General Wurmster has four divisions
Their supply base is at Trent
They have orders to raise the siege of Mantua
1st division commanded by Quosdanovich is at Limone      
2nd division commanded by Melas is at Roverto
3rd division commanded by Davidovisch is at Roverto
4th division commanded by Szoboszlo is at Bassano

French Army of Italy

Bonaparte also has four divisions
His supply base is at Brescia
He has deployed his army to lay siege to Mantua
3rd division commanded by Massena is at Verona
4th division commanded by Argereau is at Arcola
5th division commanded by Sauret is at Lonato
6th division commanded by Despinoy is at Mantua

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